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South Florida’s Source For

Independent, Fee-Only, Fiduciary
Financial Advice

Wouldn’t You Rather Put Your Trust in an Advisor Who Is:

Independent Fort Lauderdale, FL Carrington Financial Planning


We are an independent advisory firm focused on working for you, and only you. We are not affiliated with any broker-dealers or other services, nor do we sell you their products for a commission like many other advisors do.

Fee-Only Fort Lauderdale, FL Carrington Financial Planning


As a fee-only firm, the only compensation we receive is from our clients, so we are free to recommend what is in your best interest. We also provide fee-based financial planning services with no asset minimums if that is what best serves your needs.

Fiduciary Fort Lauderdale, FL Carrington Financial Planning


A “fiduciary standard” is the highest level of care, according to the Cornel Law Dictionary. As a fiduciary advisor, we will always put your interests above our own.

Fee-Only  +  Fiduciary Standard  +  Independent  =

Our Formula For Unbiased, Trustworthy Advice

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We Offer Our Clients
Independent Advice On Such Issues As:

  • Setting and Meeting Financial Goals
  • Home Ownership
  • Funding Education for Your Dependents
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Portfolio Management

Poised for Retirement?

As you near retirement, we will help you align every aspect of your financial life to meet your goals and help you maintain your current lifestyle well into retirement. As we have done for hundreds of other clients, we will ease your transition into this next phase, knowing you have planned ahead to meet your goals.

William Carrington CFP RMA Principal Fort Lauderdale, FL Carrington Financial Planning

William Carrington, CFP® RMA®


I founded Carrington Financial Planning, LLC, to help my clients achieve financial success.  As a fiduciary advisor, I put client interests first and meet their needs in a collaborative and holistic fashion. I have never been affiliated with a broker-dealer and always abide by the highest fiduciary standard.  

Prior to becoming a financial advisor, I was a material scientist/engineer in Silicon Valley, and also worked for 3M in Japan and SE Asia.  I am a University of Florida graduate and completed my coursework in financial planning at Florida State University.  A native Floridian, I am proud to have made my home in Fort Lauderdale, where I live with my wife and our two adult children.  

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Our Investment Philosophy

A passive, long-term approach is the best way to achieve investment goals and achieve financial security. However, your investment portfolio is just one component of your financial picture. Good comprehensive financial planning brings together all aspects of your financial life in a holistic way and is best pursued in a collaborative fashion. Clients of Carrington Financial Planning are carefully guided every step of the way. With a well constructed financial plan composed of clearly defined goals, combined with a solid investment strategy, we can put you on the pathway to financial success and peace of mind.

The Planning Process

Getting From Here To There

We can meet with local clients in person, but also have a streamlined, convenient remote planning process that delivers collaborative financial planning anywhere in the world. We have worked successfully with hundreds of clients using the easy process outlined below.

Planning Process Step 1 Fort Lauderdale, FL Carrington Financial Planning

Step 1.

You complete our contact form to request information or an initial consultation.

Planning Process Step 2 Fort Lauderdale, FL Carrington Financial Planning

Step 2.

We reply to your inquiry and request a phone or Skype call with you. We use the initial consultation to understand your needs and to explain our services.

Planning Process Step 3 Fort Lauderdale, FL Carrington Financial Planning

Step 3.

To begin the planning process, we will send a link to a secure, online questionnaire that helps you gather your financial information. It’s self-paced and you can drop PDF statements directly into it.

Planning Process step 4 Fort Lauderdale, FL Carrington Financial Planning

Step 4.

After you complete the questionnaire, we create a financial snapshot of your current situation and ask you to schedule your first planning session. You will be given online access to applications used to develop your financial plan. Each step of the comprehensive financial planning process is done collaboratively during a series of Skype (or phone) calls. Skype screen sharing makes collaboration very easy.

Our standard planning arrangement allows for three months to create your plan. Most clients schedule planning calls at intervals of one to three weeks. And most plans require about four calls.

Planning Process Step 5 Fort Lauderdale, FL Carrington Financial Planning

Step 5.

Certified Financial Planners are required to have a signed written agreement with clients. We provide this to you via DocuSign. Once the agreement is signed, we will send an electronic invoice that you can pay online through Quickbooks Online Payments.

Financial Peace Of Mind Comes From Having a Plan

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